API for data ingestion of PM10/PM2.5 measurements from external sources

Are you technology enthusiast and eco activist? Having DIY PM10/PM2.5 station? You want to share your collected data to the world? You've come to the right place.
What we do is collect data from DIY PM10/PM2.5 stations that are not part of Pulse.eco, or Luftdaten projects. We transform the data in our ETL pipeline and present the transformed data via publicly acessible API Endpoint in the form of aggregated measurements from the previous hour. The endpoint may be used from other services like AirCare.

How to participate?

You provide the info about the station and data preferably in JSON format via your API endpoint. We model the station based on your info and the data itself. Once the basic tests are performed and successful, we mark your station as being ready for data ingestion. Go to Participation Form to start making the world a better place to live.

Serverless Solutions
Sfera Technologies ETL API Lambda DynamoDB API Gateway Serverless Solutions

We are totally devoted to implementing serverless solution whenever possible. Stay tuned for decription of the underlying system powering our site.

WebSockets For The Real-Time Web

Feel free to use our WebSocket API endpoint in order to receive real-time measurement data from our IoT things, or just query the available data.

Using web browser

Go to proof-of-concept for real-time web application. Tested with Firefox and Safari. Chrome does not work ... yet.

Using wscat

You can use a nifty little command line tool wscat.

Receiving push notifications

wscat -c wss://ws.sferatechnologies.com -H Sec-WebSocket-Protocol:wamp

Query data

wscat -c wss://ws.sferatechnologies.com
Connected (press CTRL+C to quit)
< Welcome to SferaTechnologies' Websocket online service.
Type {"action": "help"} to get basic usage guides.
> {"action": "help"}
< Available actions:
{"action": "list-things"}
{"action": "query-thing", "thing": "THING NAME}

Stations managed by our API
MicroPython powered IoT devices

We use MicroPython with ESP32 and ESP8266 based microcontrollers. Feel free to explore our GitHub repository.

PM10/PM2.5 measurements

SDS011 is an affordable PM10/PM2.5 sensor which coupled with ESP32 makes a small yet powerful station. Note that ESP8266 can not be used with SDS011 due to absence of write enabled UART port. Sample code here.

Temperature, humidity and light intensity measurements

ESP8266 is the perfect match here. DHT22, DHT11 and KY-018 sensors work great. Sample code here.

Soil moisture measurements

ESP8266 sample code here. ESP32 sample code here.

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